Beosonic for Ford Puma

Bang & Olufsen

The Challenge

The beosonic sound system is a cool, application that allows you to personalize your acoustic experience almost seamlessly and lets you adjust your music to your mood. When B&O and Serviceplan Campaign 2 approached us with the idea to visualize this feature within the new Ford models our creatives juices started flowing from the get-go. What an exciting opportunity, to make a sonic experience visual. Throw a car into the mix and what you have is a briefing sent from heaven.

Challenge accepted

Our very own Roman Prochnow took on the challenge to make this piece stand out, producing and directing the Film. Together with DoP Luis De Maia and the Agency creative team he developed a fresh, young, visual approach with a memorable cast that sets a fitting stage for the beosonic sound system.
Without a doubt a film for a sound tool needs good music. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Roberto Coelho and Satelite Audio from Brazil who composed a kick ass track for us and lifted this piece to the next level. Obrigado Roberto!

Additional Media


  • Client: Bang & Olufsen
  • Director: Roman Prochnow
  • DoP: Luis de Maia
    Location: Munich
    Set Design: Marco Galli
    Styling: Antonella Schneider