Crafted for life


The Challenge

We had just finished shooting the WMF rebrand campaign "Feel perfection", when our friends from W├╝rttemberg approached us with the next gig.
This time with a special challenge: "We need a documentary about Julia Komp, Germany's youngest Michelin-starred chef." The production benchmark: Chef's table - no more and no less.

Challenge accepted

Julia is a culinary globetrotter - in her early 30s, she had already travelled to more than 30 countries and managed to nick some very secret recipes from locals all over the globe.
With Marcel Dambon, we quickly had a director on board who is a champion at combining the documentary approach with modern food aesthetics. This is how our journey towards a very personal film began: contemporary, not only for foodies, but for viewers with an interest in remarkable people and beautiful places. Driven by this vision, we set off in the south of Spain in search of unique, raw, unseen and above all aesthetic impressions to illustrate Julia Komp's culinary journey through Andalusia. And yes: Julia's dishes taste just as good as they look!

Additional Media


  • Client: WMF
  • Director: Marcel Dambon
  • Location: Andalusia
    DoP: Fabian Kimoto
    Postproduction: NAMOTO Post