The Challenge

A small exercise in associative thinking: Close your eyes and think about the topic of construction financing. What do you see? A bunch of business people in grey suits sitting in a too small, stuffy office, glaring neon light flooding the scenery, piles of files, uninspired consulting sessions, always circling around endless Excel spreadsheets...?
Cut: the world of mortgages at Interhyp looks different. Here, customers close their eyes undertaking imaginative journeys to the places of their dreams. Make mortgage financing emotional again!

Challenge accepted

Dream conditions for our director Chris Grüner, whose very approachable, personal handwriting has been inspiring us for a while. Dream director. Dream script... it could have been a walk in the park. Then came the lockdown. Strict contact restrictions, evening curfews, closed fundus, DIY stores, clothing stores out of service. All the ingredients for a successful production were suddenly only available on the internet. Delivery time unknown.
Covid 19 forced us to improvise. We are all the more satisfied with the result: many thanks to Grüni and the entire team for making mortgage financing emotional again!

Additional Media


  • Client: Interhyp
  • Director: Christian Grüner
  • Location: Munich
    DoP: Holger Jungnickel
    Postproduction: NAMOTO Post