Feel stronger

Clever Fit

The Challenge

Our everyday life seems to be an endless sequence of ever more abstract demands. Professionally, intellectually or when it comes to maintaining a healthy eating regimen on a 24/7 basis.
Even though we are constantly busy optimizing ourselves, we lose track of something essential: being in touch with ourselves and the purpose for which our body was made.

Challenge accepted

A picture-perfect project for some of the NAMOTO family’s friends: the Munich-based directing couple Kronck in collaboration with Luis de Maia and Bo Lelewel.
Fancy a little excerpt of the Directors Treatment?
“This film must blow the audience out of their seats! It can only succeed if it activates people by being unique and outlandish, convincing the viewer with every single unseen frame. The winner takes all!”
A bold promise. An even bolder delivery. Thx, Kronx!

Additional Media


  • Client: Clever Fit
  • Director: Kronck
  • Location: Munich
    DoP: Luis de MAIA
    Photo : Bo Lelewel

    Postproduction: Namoto Postproduction