The Challenge

Above all, freedom means being able to say no to constraints and yes to possibilities. Freedom begins where fear ends. For people with diabetes, it is a challenge to be able to leave their Safety Zone without constantly reminding themselves that they are diabetic. To help these people reclaim their freedom, Abbott has launched a breakthrough innovation: the FreestyleLibre - a sensor attached to the arm that allows diabetics to monitor their crucial insulin levels on their smartphone, remotely if they need to.

Challenge accepted

What do we NAMOTOs love more than good films? Good films for good products. We were in!
So, vignettes it is. Vignettes depicting people who use the FreestyleLibre in their everyday life or in special moments of life. In a very productive collaboration between our director Luis de Maia and the creatives of SP Health & Life, many charming situations were created with one single purpose: to show how relieving life with the chip can be. The approachable, aesthetic vignettes were then produced in the unusually icy cold South Africa with what we find to be a very likeable, diverse cast.

Additional Media


  • Client: Abbott
  • Director: Louis de Maia
  • DoP: Louis de Maia
    Location: Cape Town, Südafrika
    Postproduction: NAMOTO Post