Hello you

Schön Klinik

The Challenge

People with health issues are first and foremost searching for the best possible medical treatment available. Fair enough. But for many it is equally important, in times of crisis, to be at a place where they are not being treated as yet another case number, but rather as the person they really are. With real feelings and real concerns. The agency named the campaign: „Where? The answer is: „Hello you. Schön Klinik“

Challenge accepted

Admittedly the word authenticity is overused these days. We have made it our mission to not only put it in writing but to make it tangible in every single frame of our films.
A project cut out for Luis de Maia. Given his documentary background, Luis grew up shooting as a meticulous observer. Not interfering any more than absolutely necessary and yet bringing home stunningly aesthetic images.
Luis writes in his treatment:
“Direct eye contact, approaching one another openly, a well thought through use of camera and lights, planning for more shooting time per scene in order to be able to surpass boundaries that otherwise would be insurmountable. All of these are factors which will help us to create an intimate and personal connection with our protagonists.”
Said and done. Thanks, Luis!

Additional Media


  • Client: Schön Klinik
  • Director: Luis de Maia
  • DoP: Luis de Maia
    Postproduction: Namoto Postproduction