Her Legacy

BMW Middle East

The Challenge

On 24.06.2018 the general ban on driving ended for all women in Saudi Arabia. BMW Middle East took this historic event as an opportunity to give a voice to young female Arabic artists, to honor the growing female influence on contemporary Arabic art. The assignment BMW approached us with: we want to create a series of interesting and shareable shorts, which tell the stories of these truly remarkable women and their work.

Challenge accepted

CALLIGRAPHY IN MOTION: All it takes is a BMW 8, a savvy light control unit and a hell of a lot of feeling in our precision driver’s right foot to conjure a calligraphic piece of art onto Dubai’s nighttime pavement. While the technical set-up may be elaborate, the meaning of the icon is simple: INSPIRE

Additional Media


  • Client: BMW Middle East
  • Director: Linus Ewers
  • Location: Dubai
    Main Film
    Director: Linus Erwers
    DoP: Willy Dettmeyer
    2nd DoP: Holger Jungnickel

    Documentaries with the artists
    Director: Roman Prochnow
    DoP: Holger Jungnickel

    Postproduction: Namoto Postproduction