Sink green


The Challenge

It is not the first time, that sink manufacturer Schock look way beyond the Bavarian forest in search of bold ideas which help communicate their brand’s message. We feel honored that they trusted us to create a punk fairy tale starring Iggy Pop who is accompanied by an ensemble of loveable forest creatures.
The fact that by slipping into the role of “The King of the Bavarian Forest” the punk-icon is helping the cause of bio diversity and sustainability motivated us at NAMOTO even more.
The sinks advertised in this film consist of more than 99 percent natural, renewable or recycled materials.

Challenge accepted

Iggy, amidst a Bavarian fairytale forest teeming with magic and mythical creatures... it didn't take long for our VFX department (Manuel Kotulla and Tanja Kerner) to identify the project as a creative playground and make it their own personal affair.
In the middle of the lockdown, we shot Iggy remotely in Miami with the help of our service production company Ondamax. The cool dudes in the woods were designed by Klaus Pichler. Woepf Lechenmayr (Mona Davis | Giesing Team) provided the soundtrack. Our very special thanks go to Saint Elmo's Munich for entrusting us with this awesome project.

Additional Media


  • Client: Schock
  • Director: Manuel Kotulla
  • Location: Miami
    Illustrations: Klaus Pichler
    Design: Michael Schad
    Service Production: Ondamax Films
    Postproduction: NAMOTO Post