Thermomix (TM6)


The Challenge

„We will need about 20 films and just as many actors, we do not yet have a script and we will have to shoot this in three weeks at the other end of the world...” This is just about how that first phone call regarding this immensely exciting Vorwerk project sounded.
We took it as an invitation to do what we @ NAMOTO do best: to challenge existing boundaries... we guess, it’s that fire inside of us...!

Challenge accepted

We are very proud to have been chosen to produce all imagery (moving and still) for the product launch campaign of the TM6. Essentially this is a quantum leap for the Thermomix-community, logistically a tour-de-force. True 360° work, a lifestyle campaign with all the ingredients it takes to make an ambitious project like this fly:
A film that managed to make more than 150.000 Vorwerk ambassadors around the world jump to their feet, a global cast representing all the markets Vorwerk reaches, basically no aspect of the TM6 that we did not feature... and in the end a whole bunch of happy clients all across the Vorwerk universe. Happy enough to trust us with the Vorwerk Brand Asset project just a few months later!

Additional Media


  • Client: Vorwerk
  • Director: Freier Eckert
  • DoP: Roman Leintski