Tomorrow is yours


The Challenge

In April 2022, the new smart#1 was presented to the global public. A launch that had to function in Europe and in China. A logical choice that the client decided in the pitch for a construct that deliberately overcomes the boundaries between regions and disciplines. So we NAMOTOs launched with our partners @ Serviceplan Hamburg and Beijing. A campaign claim was quickly found that served as our creative orientation throughout the entire project: Tomorrow is yours

Challenge accepted

This is where Matthäus Bussmann's job began - our partner in crime in the director's chair. Tomorrow is yours is about people who dare to set out into the future. The smart #1 is the urban companion at their side. In Matt's head, futuristic urban settings, unexpected camera angles and virtual, abstract worlds were created. With Smile, our service production in Barcelona, and a hand-picked A-list crew, all this became reality. We found unseen locations and a very diverse, stylish but always approachable cast full of positive energy. The films are held together by an awesome soundtrack, from Sizzer. BÄM.

Additional Media


  • Client: Smart
  • Director: Matthäus Bussmann
  • DoP: Jann Doeppert
    Edit: Philip Schneider