Your world. Your rules.


The Challenge

A huge number of women around the globe live in an environment that is heavily influenced by societal, cultural and religious standards. These conditions make it extremely difficult for women to go their own way.
Nevertheless there are remarkable women out there who dare to shape this world, following their own standards and values. Your World. Your Rules.

Challenge accepted

It doesn’t take a genius to know that few things can go wrong when shooting with Alessandra Ambrosia…
However, we are especially proud to have secured ourselves the services of Maarten Groen. His unmistakable instinct for true beauty was priceless throughout this job.
And yes: Alessandra rules.

Additional Media


  • Client: Lascana
  • Director: Maarten Groen
  • Location: Ibiza
    DoP: Stephan Polman

    Celebrity: Alessandra Ambrosia